eloise maree crossman is a Sydney-come-Blue Mountains-based still and moving image artist, gallerist and more for bread-and-butter as well as a Neo Romantic. 

eloise's camera-originals and prints limn femininity (and the female as image-maker as well as image-object) as well as eighteenth, nineteenth through twenty-first century aesthetics of nature. 

eloise is inspirited by Atkinson, Bowden and other female botanists and illustrators, Cotton and other female photographers, plants, Pictorialism and history.

eloise is experienced at both traditional and alternative processes of photography, by way of Ellie Young of Gold Street Studios, as well as by way of a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) (Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney) and a Diploma of Screen and Media (Sydney Film School) (as well as a Master of Museum Studies (the University of Sydney). 

eloise's work has been exhibited at Lyttleton Stores Lawson, Gaffa Gallery, Gaffa Sydney, the Southbank Library Boyd, the Long Division Gallery, Schoolhouse Studios Collingwood as well as on The Planthunter blog in recent times. 

to contact, please write eloisemaree@hotmail.com; I look forward to hearing from you x